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Getting homeowners insurance quotes is a hefty decision and one of the most important coverage decisions you'll make. Homes are also among the largest investments over your lifetime, and it may be the place where your kids and grandkids grow up as well. You can't wrap your home in a protective bubble and protect it from fire, wind, accidents, and other unfortunate circumstances, but you can look into the types of homeowner insurance coverage to help out.

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Standard Homeowners Insurance Quotes & Coverage

When you think about home insurance, the policy you have in mind is most likely standard coverage. This coverage provides you with protection in four major areas. The first is the physical structure of your house. If natural disasters such as high winds, rain, or hail affect the building itself, homeowners insurance foots the bill. The second part of coverage concerns the items you have in your home. The third facet of homeowner insurance quotes, coverage you get pays the living expenses you incur while you wait for repairs, if your home is not habitable during this process. Finally, standard coverage gives you liability insurance in case someone gets injured when they are at your house.


This policy operates by naming specific perils that it provides coverage for. For example, wildfires are a common natural disaster that would be covered under this policy. If a wildfire damaged the siding on your home and the personal items that you have in it, your homeowners insurance claim would cover these losses.


Additional Protection

The base level of coverage helps most clients, but there are always some situations that lay outside of the standard insurance policy. One of the most common reasons for getting additional protection is for perils that are outside the named ones. Earthquake and flood insurance are often added to a policy so all natural disasters are covered.


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Another area for adding more types of homeowners insurance coverage is for providing additional protection for your personal belongings. You can insure a higher amount or switch from depreciating repair costs to replacement cost that doesn't look at the wear and tear on an item.

Pricing Types of Home Insurance Coverage

There are a lot of insurance carriers on the market. It would take countless hours to go through conversations with them all on a one by one basis. One of the best ways to price out homeowner insurance coverage is to use a tool that pulls multiple quotes for homeowners and other types of insurance. This tool allows you to look at quotes and compare them, instead of hoping the company you contacted first had one of the best rates.