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Who Offers The Cheapest Car Insurance?

Have you ever wondered who offers the cheapest car insurance?

If you have, your response to this fascinating question might be age-related. And if that quizzical look on your face is because you don’t really ‘get’ the question, it means one thing only. What it means is that you’re an older driver with a totally unblemished insurance record stretching back to the late 1970s, so your insurance costs have been pretty damned low for years.

In the old days, everything was done on the phone. You might have gone into an office, but you might also have had a phone conversation with an insurance agent. Then, you might have posted them a check and the relevant documentation, or dropped it into the office in a nice, neat, brown Manila envelope. Many older drivers have been with the same insurance company for years, even decades, and they have the low premiums to show for it.

If you’re a younger driver, or you’re just coming off your parents’ car insurance and you’re no longer at college, for example, there’s no doubt that you’ll use the good old World Wide Web to assist you in choosing car insurance.

Who was it who offered the cheapest car insurance?

Yes, who was that, then? Well, again, it’ll depend a lot on where in the States you’re a resident. First up, some states have broader minimal requirements for auto insurance. In other states, the minimum requirements are set at a lower threshold. In fact, in most cases, these ‘minimal’ features are often all that you really need in the state that you’re in. You may find when you research the topic on the Web that a local insurer really does give you the very best deal, localized and relevant to your state. If you live in rural Wyoming, you can be sure that the cheapest car insurance you’ll get in Wyoming will be a damned sight cheaper than the deal you’d get if you live in south-central Los Angeles.


In another sense the answer to the question of ‘who offers the cheapest car insurance?’ may depend on you. Auto insurance is a highly competitive market, and some insurance policies (such as those forced down your throat by auto leasing agencies) have high profit margins at the end of the coverage period.

Let’s say you’ve researched the topic on the internet, and you’ve found three different companies offering car insurance deals that are very much in the same price range, but with minor differentials. What you can do is either bargain them down by calling a pricier one and telling them you’ve had a lower-balled offer, or eat the slightly higher price, but argue for a better level of coverage.

What you’ll often find is that insurers and agents are quite happy to negotiate within limits to secure your business. Why is that? Well, it’s basic psychology. Once you sign a year-long insurance deal with a provider, you’re much more likely to renew that at the end of the year than go out and seek a new provider. Human beings can default to laziness on this score. After all, who wants to fill in all those details again, compare all those spreadsheets and quotations that you get on insurance quotation sites? Only those who are most careful with their money (and the chances are that you’re not in that category). So insurers will often be open to ‘sweetening’ your way onto their balance sheet.

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