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Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance

Unitrin Direct auto insurance is an insurance company with Donald Southwell as the CEO and company President, and Timothy Bruns as the Vice President since the year 2000. The company has the experience of over 80 years and has two headquarters and other offices. This is located in Plymouth, PA, Meridan, CT, Vista, CA, Scranton and in Tampa, FL. Customer services of Unitrin Direct auto insurance company are provided through the internet along with 25 offices which are spread across the country. There are over 9 billion in company assets and over 6 million policyholders of this business conglomerate. The rating given by A.M. Best is A- according to its standing in the industry. Here are some features of Unitrin Direct.

1. Underwriters of Auto Insurance

The policy is underwritten through Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance Companies, Home State Mutual Insurance Company, and Unitrin Direct Property and Casualty Company. The numerous names of its affiliates and subsidiaries are:

- Financial Indemnity
- Charter Indemnity
- Alpha Property and Casualty
- National Merit
- Mutual Savings Fire
- Trinity Universal Insurance
- Valley Property and Casualty
- Valley Insurance
- Warner Insurance

In 2002, eKemper Insurance Company was purchased by ​Unitrin auto insurance. Lumbermen’s Mutual Group had the registration of the Kemper name formally. In order to expand its services, in the year 2007, Merastar Insurance Company was purchased by the Trinity Universal.

2. Marketing Concept.

Unitrin Direct auto insurance understands about technology and customer service in today's insurance industry, the marketing concept of this company also revamped. "iMingle" is the name given to this new concept. The idea of the new generation was recognized and implemented in November, 2010. A voluntary employer-sponsored benefit program offers the personal insurance. In order to offer policies through a call letter or through the company website, Unitrin Direct auto insurance is licensed in 48 states and this idea is implemented to make the insurance available to the public directly.

3. Preferred Insurance

The group Unitrin Direct auto insurance market segment is capitalized due ​to its acquisition of the Merastar. This type of insurance was covered and provided by Merastar for over 30 years. Now Merastar’s elite group expertise is continued under the Unitrin Direct name. In order to work according to the company's standards, the company has hired qualified, licensed agent for every group as the their representative to do business. There are many advantages for the employees associated with pay-deducted premiums. The payments are made easy and painless through payroll deductions and this benefit is provided by the employer-sponsored program. They can easily track their auto insurance claims and manage their account through the company's website.

4. Specialty Division of Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance

Dallas has the headquarter of the Specialty division and has branches in Salem, OR, Woodland Hills, CA. Any vehicle like limousine fleet, muscle car, classic car, antique car that qualifies for specialty coverage is serviced from the expert team with over 60 years of experience. In the 23 states, there 8,500 independent agents and brokers who will help you in this case.

5. Claims Processing

Unitrin Direct auto insurance and its affiliates have claims processing as its backbone. Hence, you can be rest assured that the company will provide with the resources if you file a claim. The claims can be reported any time according to your convenience and representatives will strive hard to process your claim quickly. If you want to report an accident, then you should keep the following information ready:
- Date and location of the incident
- People and vehicles involved in the accident along with the injuries if any
Note: For initial submission process, complete detail is necessary as it will assist the agent in offering guidance to you. If Unitrin Direct is to pay for the repairs, then the information about the Gold Standard Repair Program of the company will be given to you.

6. Discount Savings of Unitrin Direct Car Insurance

For policyholders, discounts are a crucial and this need is understood by the company. According to the company, when compared to other major carriers, a new policyholder can save up to $574 per year. There may be additional discounts available on auto insurance. Some of the savings are:

- Multiple car discounts
- Club and organization discounts (i.e. AARP)
- Safe driver discounts
- Larger deductibles
- Advanced premium payments
Note: The policy can be changed any time by the existing policy holders.