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Shopping around your State Farm Auto Insurance quotes is a great way to compare similar services to see if you are in fact getting the best possible deal. The best part is comparing multiple quotes is free, and you could wind up putting a huge chunk of money back in your pocket rather than paying more than you have to. State Farm Auto Insurance company has been giving drivers an affordable option to protecting their vehicles for almost a century. In that 94 years, State Farm has focused on providing consumers a simple way to take care of getting insurance, part of the reason they are one of the top providers in their industry. Before you settle on an insurance company because the actor in the commercial says they provide the best service, protect your investments by taking the time to compare apples to apples before you make that important decision.

You should never allow skillfully designed commercials or advertisements to sway your decision when it comes to the task of picking an auto insurance provider. Instead spend a little time acquiring a free auto insurance quote so you can see for yourself how big those potential savings could be. The State Farm Auto Insurance company makes it simple for you to do this, providing a streamlined quote process that is fast and easy, allowing you to customize the quote as per your coverage needs. They currently have over 44 million active auto policies, and are ranked 41st on the Fortune 500 list of the counties largest companies. This is important because you want a company that will be there when you experience an issue and need a solid company to have your back. 

The State Farm Auto Insurance company is widely known as the "good neighbor" company, servicing auto insurance policies since 1922. They originally began just as an automobile insurance company, but over the years expanded their base of operations to include 100 different services and products. These products are designed to help their customers to better prepare for today and for the future. Currently State Farm Car Insurance representatives handle an impressive 35,000 claims each day, and those trained specialists work tirelessly to ensure that policy holders are greeted with a friendly voice that will help them to get through even the most challenging of issues. The company today also has a huge presence in working with local communities through support in safety programs, service learning events, education leadership, and sponsorship of different programs.

In addition to being on of the nations largest auto insurance providers, State Farm Auto Insurance company is the leader in public safety efforts. The company is responsible for passing a number of different seat belt laws, and they are continuing their efforts to promote safe teen driving by bringing their fight to schools and driving programs when young adults get their first experiences behind the wheel. By focusing on developing younger safer drivers, State Farm believes they can make the roads safer for everyone. Reducing loss and injury is the focus of a variety of programs that educate the public and benefit all on the roads. The company is committed to safety each year, increasing their presence and awareness in hot topic issues like drinking and driving, texting and driving, and driving under the influence. You can also compare National General Auto Insurance, Progressive Auto Insurance, Prudential Auto InsuranceViking Auto Insurance and Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance as well.

State Farm Auto Insurance company does more than provide vehicle insurance for your car, they offer several policies for motorcycles, boats, recreational vehicles, and off-road vehicles. When driving a motorcycle or RV on the highway, you want a company that is focused on providing you security, confidence, and top protection. The company is one of the top providers of insurance for golf carts, trail bikes, minibikes, snowmobiles, dune buggies, and all terrain vehicles. Throughout the country there are friendly agents working in over 18,000 insurance offices ready to assist. Each year the company reaches deeper into local communities as they bring awareness to safety issues that are affecting the new drivers of today.

One other reason State Farm auto insurance is considered a top auto insurance provider is they offer drivers a variety of different discounts to help lessen the cost of the premiums. Discounts that can reduce your insurance rate are affected by the vehicle you drive, your driving record, where you live, your age, your deductibles and your coverage. Take the time to see how many discounts you quality for before choosing one insurance company over another, the difference in price could be more than you ever thought.