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The Progressive auto insurance company is one of the largest in the United States. In addition, the company has spread its wing internationally to Australia. Currently, the company has seven patented auto insurance products. This makes the company unique in the industry. In addition to that, it is constantly working on introducing innovative insurance products and thus has a number of patents pending. Over the years, the company has been commended both at home and internationally for the high efficiency of its work force. Besides that, Progressive auto insurance is very efficient in processing claims. They have an online portal where those who want to make claims can do so online. This saves everyone time and if the claim has no issues, it is processed in a matter of hours.

Efficient Claims Management

The company has over thirteen million policies taken, a testament to the quality of its services. In order to ensure minimal delay to customers, it has claim centers that are open all year round, day and night. One can file a claim in person or through a phone call. Consequently, one is not inconvenienced and can go about their business as usual. In addition, the Progressive auto insurance online portal allows a claimant to keep track of how their claim has progressed.


Progressive has some of the best auto insurance discounts in the industry. These discounts are available to drivers who keep a clean record, members of the armed forces and others. In addition, if one takes out multiple policies, they definitely receive a discount. Discount on car insurance are a great way to save money. This is because, besides fuel, insurance makes up the biggest expense of owning and maintaining a car. The discounts enable one to reduce on the premium payments without having to compromise on the quality of the insurance. 


Cover for Injured Pets

Progressive auto insurance has products available for one’s pet in case it is injured. This in addition to the cover already available to loved ones who are injured in an auto accident. The company offers up to $1000 to cover the medical costs for a dog or cat that is injured in a motor vehicle accident. What is great about this cover is that one does not have to pay anything extra in their insurance. This offer is available free of charge from the progressive auto insurance company. 

Wide Array of Vehicle Discount Options

Progressive offers a wide variety of discounts based on specific vehicle accessories. For instance, if one has anti car theft technology installed, progressive has discounts available. In addition, if one owns a hybrid or electric car, progressive also offers great discounts. All these are discounts are available to owners who go the extra mile to protect their car form theft or curb pollution. It is hard to find any other company with such diverse discounts available to its clients. 

Snapshot Discount

The Progressive auto insurance snapshot is a unique contraption that can be a great way to earn a discount. Its device simply allows progressive to monitor ones behavior on the road. In addition, these discounts are fed automatically into the system, adding to the efficiency of this awesome company. Based on one’s behavior, customers of the company are eligible for low mileage discounts, safe driving and many others. You can also compare National General Auto Insurance, Prudential Auto Insurance, State Farm Auto Insurance, Viking Auto Insurance and Unitrin Direct Auto Insurance as well.

Progressive Auto Insurance Customer Service

For an ordinary person, auto insurance can be quite complicated. With no accounting experience, sifting through all the paperwork filled with insurance jargon can be quite stressful. Recognizing this fact, progressive has a well-trained staff that is always ready to deal with any queries. In addition, if one has issues with third parties, the company has the qualified staff to advice one on how to go around it. The company provides many tools through which one can contact the company efficiently. Have been around for a long time, they have the experience to offer an excellent solution. 


It is difficult to get any company with greater rates than Progressive auto insurance. However, one should always make sure not to compromise the quality of their insurance due to low rates. As such, it is always a good idea to compare the rates from different companies. In this way, one can be assured that they are getting the best quality for money spent. One may never know what they missed unless they inquire.