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The National General Auto Insurance company was, before July of 2013, known as GMAC. A majority of National General companies sell non-standard car insurance in almost every state in the US with the sole exceptions of Hawaii and Massachusetts. If you are a driver who does not qualify for standard car insurance rates because of factors like a poor driving record, then it pays to check out the benefits of buying National General auto insurance.

GMAC Insurance Group was founded way back in 1939 at which time it was known as Motors Insurance Corporation. GMAC sold insurance for properties as well as for casualties and it was a subsidiary of Ally Financial. Ally Financial Company decided to offload GMAC AUTO INSURANCE GROUP to a company called Maiden Holdings. The thing that makes GMAC such a special company is that it is the only insurance company in the US that has emerged from the auto industry. From 1st July 2013, GMAC Insurance became known as National General Insurance, which is a BBB accredited company.

National General auto insurance is counted among the top and biggest car insurance companies in the US. This company insures, among other things, RVs and motorcycles as well as personal cars and it also offers insurance for commercial cars as well as other vehicles. The company is dedicated to keeping you protected in case of car and other mishaps. They do more than simply get you back on track after a car crash. It does everything in its power to ensure that you are safe and protected at all times.

When you choose National General auto insurance you are choosing a company that provides top class  coverage. The company also provides high quality RV insurance and is a trusted name in the insurance industry. The company does everything in its power to earn and keep your trust. It is there at every step of the way to keep you safe and protected. In case you suffer a loss, this company is there to ensure that everything returns to normal the way it was before you had a problem. The company listens carefully to your complaints and it also responds without delay and will get you back on the road with minimum disruption to your life. This is a company that cares about more than just keeping your assets protected. It also ensures that you enjoy a high quality of life.

National General Auto Insurance offers a number of benefits that are not available from other car insurance companies. For example, this is the only auto insurance company to offer guaranteed repairs. The company in fact is ready to provide lifetime guarantee on all accident repairs made at its repair shops (GOLD MEDAL). You can also compare Primerica Auto Insurance, Kemper Auto Insurance, GMAC Auto Insurance, Geico Auto Insurance, Farmers Auto Insurance and Farm Bureau Auto Insurance as well. They're good companies to compare.

Secondly, this company also guarantees that you will be satisfied with its claim service. If you are not satisfied, then the company will waive off your deductible up to 250 dollars. Thirdly, it offers some very sumptuous GM/GMAC discounts. There are countless people that are connected to GM. National General car insurance is ready to offer discounts to people who are connected in some way to GM. Fourth, this company also has a nice feature, which it calls SmartValet. With this feature this company is ready to pick up your wrecked vehicle and provide you with a rental vehicle. Once your vehicle has been restored to proper working condition the company will deliver it to your doorstep and pick up the rental car. This is a company that also has much more to offer and one of the reasons why you should choose National General Auto Insurance is that customers who change over to this company will get to save 442 dollars on average per year.

Before you actually go out and purchase your car insurance you should obtain a quote from not just National General Auto Insurance but also from a handful of other well-known and trusted car insurance companies. The more you compare quotes the more likely it is that you will get a good deal. The company believes that there is much more to offering car insurance than coverage and claims. It is guided by the customer’s unique needs and it also always strives to offer customers the policy that is tailored to suit their needs. The best part about buying your car insurance from this company is that it is always there when you need it the most. You can really count on this company to provide you with the best deal every time.