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So, you have a Kemper auto insurance rate, but with the plethora of car insurance companies in the market today makes it an almost impossible task to select the best policy. Every motorist would like the assurance of the best coverage, benefits and maximum savings on their auto insurance. After all, the high cost of fuel and car maintenance today makes a great insurance policy an indispensable asset. Luckily, scrutinizing quotes from as many auto insurers as possible gives you the best guarantee of the perfect auto cover. One auto insurer in the market with fantastic policies is Kemper auto Insurance.

Kemper Direct Auto Insurance is a subsidiary of Kemper Corporation, a group of companies offering diverse consumer finance and insurance services in the country. The group has assets of over $8billion, making it a major player in the insurance industry. It offers auto insurance in at least 26 states around the country.

Kemper Auto Insurance Direct has undergone several mergers and acquisitions, since formerly being known as Unitrin Direct Inc. It is now one of the most cost effective auto insurers in the country. This is mainly through its dedicated direct-to-consumer model, which offers great savings and value to policyholders. Insuring with Kemper Direct is a hassle free and streamlined process, which simplifies your car insurance experience.

Kemper auto insurance policies provide a wide range of benefits and added protection for you and your vehicle. There are great options which save you money, give you peace of mind and protect your family. They include:

Accident Forgiveness - Drivers with a safe driving record with no violations or accidents will not have their policy rates increased after an accident, even if they are at fault. This saves you money on increased premiums.

Renewal Assurance - Barring any major incidents, this benefit assures you of automatic renewal of your cover at expiry.

Kemper Auto Insurance Roadside Assistance - In case your car breaks down, runs out of fuel, requires a jumpstart or towing, roadside assistance will come to your rescue.

Rental Car Reimbursement - This will cover your car rental costs by up to $30 a day to a maximum of $600, while your car is being repaired after an accident.

Trip Interruption - In case of an accident or mechanical problem, Kemper auto insurance will provide up to $600 for lodging and transportation if you are more than 100 miles from home.

Pet Protection - This added benefit will cover up to $2000 in medical expenses for your dog or cat, if they are injured in an accident.

Enhanced Kemper Car Insurance Seat Replacement - This replaces your child seats after an accident without any deductible whatsoever.

Dependent Protection - This protects your loved ones by providing up to $1000 in childcare costs, in case an accident makes you unable to care for your child. It further provides $10000 to dependents should a fatality ensue after an accident.

Kemper auto insurance discounts - Kemper Direct offers several discounts which make your premiums even more affordable. They include:

Multipolicy Discount - This provides savings on your premiums by allowing you to combine different insurance policies such as your auto and homeowners insurance under one discounted package.

Free-A-Tree Discount - You can save the environment and your premiums by using paperless services such as the Easypay Automatic payment service, or by signing your documents online.

Network Discount - If you refer a friend who then purchases a policy from Kemper auto Insurance, you and your friend will get a 10% discount on your premiums. This discount applies every time you refer a friend to Kemper Direct.

Happily Married Kemper Auto Insurance Discount - This provides discounted premiums to couples who are married, in legal civil unions and domestic partnerships.

Retro Loyalty Discount - Get rewarded for your loyalty with your previous insurer by switching to Kemper Direct. The size of your discount will depend on how long you were with you previous insurer, among other continuous coverage requirements. You can also compare Primerica Auto Insurance, National General Auto Insurance, GMAC Auto Insurance, Geico Auto Insurance, Farmers Auto Insurance and Farm Bureau Auto Insurance as well.

Preferred Payer Discount - Those who pay their premium in full or pay upfront will receive discounts. The more upfront you pay, the greater the discount.

Safe and Sound Discount - This discount is for policyholders with at least two name insureds on the policy, with one of them being over 18 years of age. It applies when all the drivers named on your policy have had three years of accident and violation free driving, while being insured continuously for at least one year.

Other Kemper Auto Insurance Direct Discounts - These include Mature driver Discount for drivers over the age of 55, Airbag and Anti-Theft discount, and Multi-car Discount for drivers with multiple cars on one policy. The Passive Restraint Discount also applies to cars with passive restraint equipment such as automatic seat belts.

Quotes for your car insurance can be obtained easily. Take advantage of this useful tool to derive maximum benefits and savings from your car insurance policy.