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Geico auto insurance has stood the test of time, with a compelling history of ingenuity and determination from the early 1930's. There are few companies with a better reputation we simply encourage everyone to get quotes from multiple companies to compare coverage. The Geico story began with a dynamic duo, a husband and wife team- Leo and Lillian Goodwin. This fascinating tale begins with Leo and Lillian's idea of offering quality insurance coupled with exceptional customer service. This of course is very appealing now-days when choosing a particular Geico auto insurance agency; however, one must explore all aspects of an agency, as well as reviewing information on various insurance companies and obtaining free quotes from such companies. There are numerous aspects to consider when deciding which insurance company to choose, there are a multitude of other variables to consider, such as the types of coverage offered, any available discounts, financial stability, and the general reputation an auto insurance company has come to acquire.

History of Geico Auto Insurance:

In the early 1930's, during the throws of The Great Depression in the United States, Leo and Lillian Goodwin courageously developed a solid business plan for their auto insurance agency, which included directing their auto insurance toward a specific demographic of potential customers. Originally, in 1936, Geico Auto Insurance was titled, "Government Employees Insurance Agency", which targeted federal employees, as well as particular types of active duty military officers. After Leo and Lillian's first year, they managed to acquire approximately 3,700 policies and 12 new employees. The following years included the addition of Lorimer Davidson, an investment banker, who bolstered the group of investors in the agency. A few years after Leo and Lillian had retired from their company, Lorimer Davidson succeeded them. Lorimer's efforts were rewarded in 1964 when Geico auto insurance surpassed 1 million policies-in-force (PIF). Geico polices continued to increase from that point on and now there are currently 13 million policies-in-force. Furthermore, in 2015 Geico reported insuring more than 22 million vehicles, and net profits have hit more than 32 billion dollars.

Geico Car Insurance Products Include:

1. Comprehensive Physical Damage - Adding this type of insurance to a policy would provide coverage for damage besides collision, including damage caused by animals, theft, fire, and flooding.

2. Collision - This is a very important type of insurance. Collision covers damage to a car caused by impact with another car or object.

3. Geico Car Insurance Property Damage Liability - If included in a policy, it would provide coverage in the event the insured damaged another persons property, as well as covering the cost of a legal defense, if the damaged property owner filed a lawsuit against the insured party.

4. Uninsured Motorist - In some states, the percentage of uninsured motorists is frighteningly high, up to a whopping 25%, which is why this kind of Geico auto insurance coverage is essential. It covers injuries caused by an uninsured vehicle operator. In certain states, this type of coverage would also cover a hit and run and/or damage to the vehicle.

5. Bodily Injury Liability - This protects the insured in the event they injure or kill another person while driving a vehicle, and much like Geico Auto Insurance Property Damage Liability, this type of insurance would cover the cost of legal defense if needed. To be clear, this insurance covers the person and not the vehicle damage, if any.

6. Medical Payments - No Fault or Injury Protection In this kind of insurance, coverage includes the injured driver and passengers medical bills, if injuries took place in the insured vehicle. Moreover, this type of insurance can potentially cover being injured by a vehicle when the insured is not driving, but a pedestrian.

Please note that when selecting the highest possible deductible that can be afforded, the premium rates for these types of coverage would be significantly lower.

Geico's Available Discounts:

Geico auto insurance quotes offers a myriad of discounts for a variety of people. Military and federal employees are offered discounts, federal employees can obtain up to 8% reduced on their premiums. Furthermore, employees or members who work or belong to the 500 various groups listed on Geico's discount page may be able to receive a discount or a reduced premium rate. Individuals aged 50 or over are entitled to insurance discounts, as well as full-time students aged 16-25, who maintain a B or higher grade average. Remember, you can also compare AAA Auto Insurance, Primerica Auto Insurance, National General Auto Insurance, Kemper Auto Insurance, GMAC Auto Insurance, Farmers Auto Insurance and Farm Bureau Auto Insurance as well.

In some cases, the certain features included in a vehicle that's being insured with Geico car insurance can help with acquiring discounts or premium reductions. These are the types of standard vehicle features that allow for a discount:

-Air Bags-Anti-Theft System (up to 25% in discounts for this feature)
-Daytime Running Lights-Anti-Lock Brakes
There are other possible discounts as well. For instance, being accident free for 5 or more years can allow for a discount up to 26%. Additionally, there is a multi-vehicle and multi-policy discount that can help the insured save up to 25%.

Geico auto insurance has risen to become one of the best insurance companies in the United States of America. Even their mascot, the Geico Gecko, is extremely popular. Considering all the angles in regard to Geico, it's easy to decide to choose them for vehicle insurance. Even so, it is imperative to obtain a quote first, if not done already, as well as obtaining quotes from other vehicle insurance companies. Doing so is always free, and an invaluable resource in helping choose the best insurance company. Whichever company one chooses, vehicle insurance is a must for protection and peace of mind.