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In December 1963, the Country Wide Auto Insurance Company was duly incorporated within the State of New York. Now in its 52nd year of operation, the company is duly licensed to write all lines of casualty/property insurance and has developed within a niche market. Its specialized niche market predominately consists of commercial automobile and lower limit private passenger business in the downstate area of New York. 

While family operated and owned, Countrywide auto insurance insurance company has consistently fostered a strong philosophy and culture that makes the well-being of its staff and their families as well as the maintenance of good health and company dedication a priority. The staff of Countrywide has grown from 35 to greater than 300 over the course of the past 35 years. This is a staff that is highly talented and impeccably trained as well as expressly able to deliver loyalty and intimacy to all that the company insures.

Management have risen through the ranks, learning every aspect of the business and industry from the ground floor. This aspect, provides a sense of pride that is passed onto those that are insured via the company each and every day. 

Countrywide auto insurance company is able to offer automotive insurance via hundreds of brokers throughout New York’s contiguous suburbs as well as their diverse metropolitan area. Additionally, this is an insurer that is able to provide its clientele with knowledge of the nuances of the environment of claims and the local underwriting market that is unmatched. Countrywide is a special operation that, by virtue, is a production force that yields a stellar reputation in the re-insurance and insurance community. 

Values and Vision

Countrywide Auto Insurance Company is an insurance company of excellence. It is an organization that is solid with a deep rooted history that is thoroughly dedicated to providing New York with financial products, a variant of specialty insurance as well as automotive insurance. The success of the company is duly measured by its consistent financial results, reputation for being home grown and its superior level of service.

This is a company that is able to both retain and attract the highest level of quality talent. The professional staff Countrywide car insurance have a proven ability to work well in teams, a strengthened work ethic as well as extraordinary business expertise. Additionally, the team at Countrywide is well verse in a number of languages in order to expressly fill the needs of the diversity that New Yorker as a whole. 

The underwriting team has its focus based on profitability as opposed to revenue. Countrywide auto insurance expressly strives for expense proficiency, which is evident in the fact that its pricing mechanisms reflect the collaboration between underwriters and actuaries. This philosophy allows the company the ability to offer its loyal clientele competitive rates via its neighborhood representatives that have been placed, conveniently, throughout most of the areas of downstate New York. This is why Countrywide has been rapidly becoming the ideal choice for the unique and diverse insurance needs of downstate New Yorkers. You can also compare AAA Auto Insurance, Auto Owners Insurance, AIG Auto Insurance, AARP Auto Insurance, Direct Auto Insurance and Capital One auto insurance quotes as well.

Misc. Information

  • The hours of operation for the Countrywide auto insurance company are 9am to 5 pm EST. 

  • A customer service representative can be reached 1(800)79-NY-AUTO where you will be directed to the nearest agent to you in accordance with your respective zip code

  • Claim filing can be done via (212)344-8700. The department’s hours are 9am to 5pm EST, therefore any claims that occur after 5pm must be called in the very next business day.

  • General customer service inquiries can be made by calling (212) 440-5160

  • Translation services are available for Spanish and Chinese

  • Policy quotes can only be obtained by speaking directly to an agent

Countrywide Car Insurance Conclusion

Whether searching for your very first policy or researching prior a new policy, it is always best to gather several quotes and compare. With that being said, should you live in the downstate New York area, you should definitely contact an agent of the Countrywide Insurance Company as you determine what policy will best suit your needs. Compare their policies, fees, and more to other insurance companies that are also within your area or nationally recognized and bonded. 

With a small amount of due diligence, you will find that you will be insured to your desired or needed level at a price point that is expressly budget friendly.