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AARP Auto Insurance - Car Insurance Backed by the Hartford

We are all familiar with the fact that when it comes to choosing an auto insurance provider, we want affordable prices, quality coverage, and an insurer which we can rely upon if we are ever involved in an auto accident. Of course you don’t want to ever have to file a claim; with this in mind, you want an auto insurance provider that will pay out immediately, and won’t hike up your rates, just because you file a claim. This is where a trusted company like AARP car insurance comes into play.

There are dozens upon dozens of providers for that claim to provide a AARP car insurance quote. In fact, a quick Google search will probably lead to at least fifty insurance companies you can choose from when comparing different company quotes. For this very reason, it is important to know exactly what you are going to receive, what you are paying for, and where to go for the best prices for your coverage needs. This is where we come into help you find that top notch auto insurance protection, for the most affordable prices. We will offer you with a guide to:

  1. Complete auto coverage comparisons (based upon your policy needs). 
  2. Top automobile insurance providers, and the forms of auto insurance they provide. 
  3. Insurance Affordability based upon different niche audiences (elderly, military, good student, etc.). 
  4. The most reliable auto insurance providers, and finding the best rates for your insurance coverage needs.
AARP Auto Insurnance


Auto Insurance Customer Service From AARP


Since no two drivers are alike, the insurance coverage one person needs, is not going to mimic that of another driver. Further, based upon your address, your age, your driving record, the type of vehicle you drive, and various other factors, insurance prices can greatly fluctuate from one person to the next. For such reasons, every driver who wants to find the best coverage, unbeatable policy options, and affordability, simply has to take their time and compare quotes prior to choosing a company that's right for them.

Regardless of how long you’ve been driving, or what form of auto coverage you currently have, there is a reason you are shopping for new coverage.

AARP auto insurance, administered by The Hartford, is not only a reputable insurance company, but one which provides various policy options, coverage terms, and discounts, for select customers. So, before you simply choose any insurance company, and pay higher premium rates than you should be paying, let’s take a step back and consider some of the benefits of quote comparison, shopping, and learning about insurance providers, for you to find the best terms, and lowest prices for your insurance coverage needs.



AARP Auto Insurance - How Much Does It Cost?


Think of it this way. Would you invest in a new home or a new car, without visiting more than one open-house or one local dealership? Or, would you buy a home online, without ever visiting the property, and simply relying upon a seller’s property description and photos? Hopefully the answer to these questions is no. The same thought process should go into purchasing your auto insurance coverage, with any provider.

Does AARP have auto insurance? The answer is, yes. As a driver who is considering a switch, you obviously want to find the best rates. And, depending upon the coverage you require, you want to find additional discounts for that policy. So, how exactly do you go about doing this? Price comparison and online shopping of course! There is simply no way around this, or shortcut you can take, to magically find the best prices and coverage out there.

When you compare prices for AARP auto insurance quotes, and other top insurers, you find exactly what you are looking for. Benefits of quoting multiple insurers and policies prior to choosing your policy include:

  • You find exactly what you are looking for. If you want additional bodily auto insurance coverage, or additional coverage for a luxury vehicle, you can include these terms in your quote. 
  • You will find the best rates based upon your driving record. When comparing auto insurance quotes, you input your record (tickets, infractions, moving violations, etc.) which will have a great effect on your price for insurance. 
  • You can compare AARP auto quotes based upon the vehicle you drive (make, model, color, year, etc.). 
  • You can compare more than one auto coverage level at the same time. So if you are debating between premium or mid-level coverage, you can differentiate the terms, and find the policy which works best for you.

You get the picture. If you are willing to compare, take the additional time to shop around, and learn more about comparing AARP auto insurance options and premiums, this could result in top-notch coverage, full coverage when you need it, and (you guessed it), the best prices for that coverage you eventually choose to purchase. 

Where is AARP Auto Insurance Located?

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, which sells auto insurance, through The Hartford, as well as other forms of insurance (home, life, rental, etc.) and is headquartered in Washington D.C.. The company places a major focus on its 50+ customer audience, and offers discounts to veterans as well. A focal goal of the insurance provider is to offer a better quality of life to the 50+ community, while offering the best coverage, affordable pricing, and insurance coverage which seniors can rely upon, in the event they ever have to file a policy claim.

The company has nearly 38 million customers which it provides insurance protection to the elderly demographic. Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus founded AARP in 1958. The company did not however begin offering AARP car insurance policies until 1984. At the time the company was founded, private insurance (health) was not affordable, so the company’s mission (or goal) was to provide individuals with viable protection, for a price which they could afford to pay. This mission and vision has extended to various other forms of insurance policy, which currently includes AARP auto insurance plans.


What are the benefits?

So, what exactly do you receive as a member, and what are the benefits you will enjoy when you purchase AARP car insurance through The Hartford? One of the biggest perks of being an AARP member is the fact that you receive discounts nearly anywhere imaginable. Some of the current locations which members can save include:

  • Tanger outlets (and shopping malls). 
  • Dining options (restaurants). 
  • Grocery coupons. 
  • Discounts on travel at AARP preferred locations (hotels, and popular travel destinations). 
  • Car rentals, roadside assistance discounts, and more. 

AARP Auto Insurance from The Hartford members also receive discounts to movie theater tickets, entertainment packages, and even discounts on phone bills (through wireless providers such as AT&T). You basically receive a discount on nearly all shopping, dining, and entertainment you want to enjoy as a member.

This is, of course, in addition to the discounts you will receive on nearly any form of insurance you choose to purchase through the provider as well. Whether you are purchasing an AARP car insurance policy through The Hartford, on its own, or choose to bundle on dental, home, and life insurance, the savings opportunities are endless.

Members are also recognized worldwide. So, if you are traveling internationally, simply bringing your membership card along, or inputting your membership number when you book your hotel online, could result in savings on your travel itineraries.

Many people are members simply for the savings and discounts available to them. But, for those who are interested in an AARP auto insurance policy, they have so much more to save when it comes to choosing a premium for their protection needs.

Is AARP Car Insurance Any Good?

With nearly 60 years in the business of providing affordable insurance to seniors and military members, the company is known around the world. For those who want to choose an insurance provider that works for them, is in the business of providing affordable rates for those who aren’t earning a high-income, or who simply want to be insured by a reputable, well-known provider, look no further. AARP auto insurance plans are not only affordable, but there are various perks of being a member of this familial community as well.

AARP Auto: How Good Is Automobile Coverage?

When purchasing your policy, you will purchase through The Hartford. For drivers who are considering switching to AARP and The Hartford, there are many perks to doing so. The Hartford is a US-based financial services group, based in Hartford, Connecticut, which sells AARP car insurance policies to customers.

Customers who switch will not only receive discounts in comparison to the current rates they are paying to their insurance provider, but will instantly become AARP members, which guarantees the many benefits (listed above) members receive. 

  • Auto Renewal

One of the major benefits of purchasing your AARP auto insurance policy through The Hartford is the simple fact that your insurance is automatically renewed. As long as you can drive, your coverage will continue (if you do not cancel it). Simply maintaining your driver’s license, and of course paying your premiums on time, are the basic requirements for your instant renewal.

  • 12-month car insurance rate Guarantee

It’s nice to know your rates are locked in, regardless of an accident, increases in the insurance market, or other external factors. By purchasing your insurance through AARP you automatically qualify for locked-in rates for your auto insurance premium. You don’t have to guess what will happen based on staggering market conditions, nor do you have to worry about sky-high increases, because of external factors which are beyond your control as an insured customer.



If you are injured in an accident, your policy is going to provide you with financial assistance for tasks you can’t perform. From hiring a lawn care team, to doing basic chores around the home, you will receive reimbursement to pay for these costs if you can’t afford them after an accident. The reimbursement total which you can receive as a member is up to $2,500 annually. So, even if you are out of commission for some time, you will receive some form of financial assistance if you are hurt, and can’t perform basic tasks with this additional policy coverage option. 


Lifetime Car repair

You visit any of the 1600 local AARP car insurance repair shops when work is being done on your vehicle (or rental), and the Hartford/AARP is going to stand behind the work done. This means if it requires additional service, you aren’t going to pay additional out-of-pocket expenses to have the work completed. 


New Car Replacement

If your car has 15,000 miles or fewer at the time of an accident, and is totaled, your insurance will pay to replace your vehicle with the same make/model, and no deduction depreciation will be added to your premiums going forward.

Want more? As a member and AARP car insurance customer, you have access to the 24/7 hotline. If you ever have a question about your policy, need to get a quote to add an additional driver or vehicle, or otherwise have to modify your insurance premium, you can do so with The Hartford.

Need Additional AARP Auto Insurance Coverage?

When purchasing your policy through the Hartford, customers can also purchase additional coverage. Your option for the Advantage Plus Program is available to drivers as well. As a member of the plus coverage family, you receive:

Accident forgiveness (Basically, after your first accident, your rates won’t go up if you qualify for this program)

Disappearing deductible. (Good driver?  If so, your deductible goes down each year, and can eventually reach $0)

If you have two vehicles covered under one policy, you only pay one deductible (whichever is higher) for repair work done on both vehicles. 

If you are involved in an accident which has no-fault auto insurance, you also have the option to waive your deductible when filing a claim with your AARP auto insurance plan. If you are involved in an accident in a no-fault state, you can also choose a company certified repair shop to perform services on your vehicle. In this instance, you only pay a $100 deductible for all repairs which are performed on your vehicle.

Being a member, and purchasing your AARP car insurance plan through The Hartford pays. Not only do you receive several discounts, benefits, and policy coverage options, but you can also choose from preferred membership coverage, which affords you even greater discounts, savings, and benefits, as an insured customer.


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Car Insurance Reviews: What do Drivers have to say about AARP?

Of course you want to purchase from a provider which is highly rated. So, how does the company stack up against other insurers? How is the company rated? What can you expect as a customer if you choose to purchase your policy through the company? Let’s take a look at the positive areas which the company is highly rated in, as well as a few areas which customer complaints are higher and require some work.

AARP is a company which places a focus on serving military members and families, and serving the retired (50+) community, who is searching for affordable insurance premiums. One of the main benefits to members is the fact that they have offices in all 50 states. So you can purchase insurance coverage anywhere in the US, and membership discounts and perks extend outside of the US as well. This is a high-point in terms of rating for the company, as the insurance travels with the insured.

Another major point, AARP auto insurance plans place a focus on, is affordability and flexibility. Customers can choose from different premium options, levels of auto insurance, and can also opt to pay their premiums at different times (payment plans), to help make the coverage more affordable. Customers highly value this feature, as individuals who purchase coverage through the company are often retired, living on limited income, and might not have the ability to pay full premium rates which other insurance companies charge.

AARP Car Insurance Benefits - Members Value

The company receives extremely high marks in this department, based upon the accident forgiveness option which insured customers receive under the Advantage program. If you are involved in an accident, it is forgiven and rates don’t jump up automatically.

Another nice selling point is the collision deductible. For safe drivers, you can reduce your premium by $150, if you are accident free within a 5-year period of being insured while having AARP car insurance. This continues to go down $50 per year, and automatically reaches $0. For safe drivers, this is a very nice feature. It not only saves you in the event you are involved in an accident, but is an added benefit to stay safe, and pay attention on the road, which members truly enjoy. 


Repairs and New Car Replacement

Another area which AARP receives extremely high marks in terms of customer rating is the fact that they offer new car replacement. If your car is less than 15 months old, or has fewer than 15,000 miles, and you are in an accident, full replacement cost (for same make and model) is covered. You won’t have to worry about being rear-ended, or in a major accident (which you aren’t at fault), and only receiving partial coverage to pay for the damages or replace your car. Members truly appreciate this feature.

Although not all members use this feature, AARP auto insurance customers can reduce deductible costs by $100 if you get your vehicle serviced in a licensed repair shop. This means that after an accident, if you need repair work done on your car, and your deductible is higher than the cost of repairs, you can save a little extra money to pay for the price of those repairs. 


Guaranteed Rate

Your AARP auto insurance plan is one of the few which offers this perk to its insured customers. Your rates are locked in. This is extremely beneficial to older drivers because rates typically go up the older you get. You receive a quote price, and that rate locks in. You don’t have to worry about an accident causing rates to skyrocket, or adding a new driver and paying absurd costs. Members highly value this feature and give the company high ratings for such a feature. 


Where they falter: What are the biggest customer complaints?

Of course the company has great reviews, but there are always areas in which a company can improve. And, this is no different with AARP auto insurance policies. So, which areas is the company most lacking, and what areas did they receive lower than average ratings in? Let’s check out some customer complaint issues.

Coverage & Policy Options

If you look at any major providers on the market, you will find various policies, or the ability to modify your policy based upon your needs. With AARP auto insurance this is not the case. Customers can choose from the basic or the advantage option when purchasing auto insurance with the company.

Yes, they do offer discounts for seniors and military drivers and lock in rates. But, with this being said, they received lower than average ratings in the ability to custom tailor your insurance based upon your driving needs. There is no reason a person who drives 20 miles per week should have to buy the same level of coverage that a person driving 50 miles per day to work, has to purchase. With AARP car insurance plans, this is one of the main drawbacks to buying auto policies with the company.

Customer Service

For a company which claims to make it a focal point to serve military and elder/senior customers, they don’t rank highly in customer service. Phone wait times are long, service agents are said at times to not be very helpful, and modifying or changing policy needs is extremely difficult. Customers highly complain about the customer service support online. Customers can of course use the online portal for paying policy rates, to modify, or to learn more about coverage options with AARP and The Hartford. 


Discounts for bundling aren’t as high as competitors

This probably falls under the umbrella that the company already offers great discounts for their AARP auto insurance policies. But, many other insurance providers offer additional discounts if you bundle: home, auto, life, and other insurance coverage. Although there are slight benefits and additional discounts to be had, and savings for adding other drivers, they are not as high as you would expect from a company which is meant to serve and offer the greatest savings to members.


Claim policy

When filing a claim, the company does not move as fast as other insurers. If you go through a reputable insurer, claim processes are typically faster than those through AARP. Although this is a complaint you can find on any insurance company page, it is still worth noting for those who are considering this company for auto insurance needs. 

If you are looking for a company that will pay out on premiums and speed through the claims policy, you may not find it. Again, although the company isn’t extremely highly rated in this area, they are not that far behind other top insurance providers in this industry. So, it is worth noting, but it is not something that should dissuade you from choosing the insurer, if you are looking for affordability when choosing an auto insurance policy provider. 



AARP Auto Insurance Overall


There’s no way around it. Regardless of how many perks, discounts, or options you offer to customers, there are always good and bad reviews to be found. All in all, AARP auto insurance is highly rated by its members. The company offers so many discounts as a member, outside of the insurance savings, which for many, this is sufficient and reason enough to consider the company for auto and other policy insurance needs.

Regardless of the type of coverage, the insurance policy you decide to purchase, or what form of auto insurance you eventually choose to purchase, there are many great benefits to being an AARP customer. Especially for senior and military personnel who are searching for discounts and a reliable insurer, there are plenty of reasons to choose them over competitor insurers. 

The simple fact that you are paying a service provider, for a service or product, is instantly going to result in customer complaints. With this in mind, AARP auto insurance customers are generally happy with their coverage. Further, customers receive much higher discounts in comparison to other insurance providers, simply for being military members, or for being over the age of fifty. This in and of itself is a benefit which customers are not going to find with other insurance providers in the industry. 

Although there are complaints, there are also many positive online reviews as it pertains to choosing your AARP auto insurance policy with this company. For those who are searching for dependable, a well-known company, and one which values their older/senior demographic target audience, they are a great option to consider when time comes to choose an auto insurance provider for your policy needs. 


Calling all Seniors and Veterans: What AARP can do for you!

Are you a veteran? If so, AARP auto insurance might be the solution you’ve been looking for. In addition to great military discounts, there are the great membership discounts and perks which you have to look forward to as well, once you purchase an auto insurance policy with AARP. One of the main perks of being a military (or former military) member, and becoming an AARP auto insurance customer, is the great savings you will receive.

It is important to check with a local authorized AARP agent before you purchase your policy. Reason being is that every city/state, features different savings, discounts, and incentives. Additionally, depending on when you join (the time of year), and whether you are going to purchase more than one type of insurance policy as a Vet, there are different levels of savings you can enjoy as a customer.


Exclusive Military Discount

One of the biggest savings you will receive as a member or former member of an armed-force branch, is the 25%-member discount. You will receive this discount for AARP membership. All members who are aged 50+ are eligible for this discount. Military branches extend to: Navy, Army, National Guard, military retirees, active duty, and reserves.

AARP Auto Insurance, from The Hartford is constantly offering additional savings and incentives to join as well. With holidays including Labor Day and Memorial Day, or the Fourth of July, additional incentives, discounts, or even free membership options and offerings are available to new enrollees who purchase their insurance premiums with AARP.


Savings Beyond AARP Auto Insurance

In addition to the membership savings you will receive as a former or current member of an armed-forces branch, there are additional benefits you can receive, simply by being a member. Additional savings extend to cellular or mobile phone plan discounts, dining discounts, savings on travel. These are savings which are added to (in addition to), the discounts you already receive.

AARP greatly respects and is thankful to those who’ve served or are serving in the military. For this reason the company is constantly extending benefits, discounts, and promotions to members and families of the armed forces.

Again, it is best to check with a local AARP Auto Insurance, from The Hartford agent, or to visit a local branch in your state, to learn about the military discounts which are available to you as a new customer. Or, if you are a current customer, you might be eligible for new savings as they are introduced by the company.

Because each state features their own discounts and saving options, not all of these are listed online. So, before purchasing a new policy, it is important to inform a local agent of your military status, and to inquire about additional saving options which are available to you as a new member.


The Seniors

Although the company greatly values their military customers, they don’t only offer discounts to military families and customers. By choosing to become an AARP auto insurance customer, you are instantly going to realize there are many perks and ways in which you can save. So, what are some of the saving options which the company offers to their senior customers? 

The simple fact that AARP Auto Insurance plans cater to the senior, 50+ demographic, is reason enough for you to choose the company for your policy needs. But, the company doesn’t only offer discounts and saving options to its military members. You also receive discounts based upon your age and your seniority as a customer.


Savings on Deductibles

One of the biggest areas which AARP offers savings to its senior customers is in the form of their deductible payment. The shrinking deductible which is offered to customers, is going to shrink the longer you are a member, and the older you get. Basically, you are being incentivized to remain a loyal customer, to remain a safe driver on the road, and over time, your deductible is going to drop to $0.

After the first 5 years of being a member, if you have no accidents on your record, you receive the original $150 discount. For each year after that, your deductible is going to go down $50 per year. This will continue until you reach the $0 mark, so you will never pay for repair work which is done to your vehicle if you are involved in an accident.

A great incentive for older AARP auto insurance drivers, and for those who remain with the company for several years for their insurance needs.


Join & Save On Your Coverage

For those who are members, you can engage in simple online activities, which will earn you points, allowing you to save even more. In fact, you will earn up to 50% more points for online activities you complete at 

Activities are simple, and range from watching short videos online, to answering a few health related questions, to performing different tasks online. Learn about retirement tips, learn about healthy eating tips and habits, and engage in the online site. Again, simply being a member, and being aged 50+, is instantly going to result in savings. All you have to do is join the online community, engage in the activities, and you are introduced to many savings online and through offline retailers. 



AARP Automobile Insurance - 12-Month Policy


This is one of the biggest areas of savings for seniors who are fifty plus and purchasing auto insurance premiums with the company. With most insurance providers, your rates are going to jump every three to six months. With AARP, you do not have to worry about this. Since your rates are locked in for one year at a time, even if you are involved in an accident, add a driver, or otherwise modify your policy, your rates are going to be locked in for the entire year. 

Although this is not going to equate to a percentage or specific amount in savings, over the course of the year, you can easily save hundreds of dollars (possibly thousands if you are insuring multiple drivers or have more than one car under your policy). You know what your rates are going to be, you know there is no way for fluctuation or price increase, and you know you are going to receive the same coverage level for the entire year, regardless of the external market situations or factors surrounding your policy. 


State Benefits

Again, depending on the state which you live, where you are purchasing your AARP auto insurance policy, there are additional benefits you might be eligible for, as a fifty plus customer. Among these are: 

  • Defensive driver credit. If you take an online course, you are eligible for additional savings with the insurer. 
  • Multiple driver or multiple car coverage. If you add drivers or vehicles, you are eligible for lower rates on your car insurnance premium. 
  • You can save based on policy bundling. If you buy home, auto, life, and other insurance coverage through the same insurer, you can receive bundled discounts for your car insurance policies and coverage needs. 
  • Anti-theft device discount. If you have a vehicle which has anti-theft, burglar intrusion, and other alarms built in, all of these options will help decrease your premiums. 
  • Safety feature. Just like anti-theft devices, safety mechanisms and features in new cars help reduce the occurrence of accidents. If your car has these features, you can save even more on your auto insurance policy. 

On-star, warning detection mirrors, and other safety sensors, are just a few of the additions you might have on your vehicle, which are going to equate to even greater savings. As a senior driver who is purchasing your  AARP auto insurance policy through The Hartford, you are obviously looking for ways in which you can reduce the price of purchasing your auto insurance. These are a few of the additional discounts which are offered to you as a customer, who is in the senior age bracket. 


Benefits Outside The Savings

If you’ve ever run the risk of being dropped by your insurance company because of an accident, you do not have to worry about this risk as an AARP car insurance customer. You won’t be dropped just because you are involved in an accident. And, as long as you are insurable (have a valid license and vehicle which can be insured) you are not going to be dropped.

Some of the additional benefits you are going to receive as a senior who is purchasing your policy through the company include the following. 



AARP Car Insurance - No drop guarantee


Again, if you meet the requirement to be insured, have a valid license, and pay your insurance premium on time, you are not going to be dropped just because you file a claim or are involved in an accident which requires extensive care or work. 


Replacement Cost

This is a nice feature for the safe driver who is involved in an accident which is not their fault. If your car is totaled, or there is major damage, and it is less than 15 months, or has fewer than 15,000 miles on it, AARP is going to replace it. You will receive the same make/model, of similar value, and will not have to pay any additional cost out of pocket in order to replace your vehicle. 


Six-Point Claim Guarantee

AARP Auto Insurance & The Hartford place a strong focus on their customers. For this reason, you can file a claim, call in for support, or receive additional support/answers any time. Their call center is open 24/7, so you can call in at any time for assistance as is required. Whether you are filing a claim, need to modify your policy, or need additional assistance with your current coverage, there is a team of dedicated agents who are there to help at any time. 


Plan Payment Options

AARP is aware of the fact that most of its members are retired, ex-military, or are not working full time, which means limited income. So, in addition to the already lower prices which the company offers to its members for auto insurance, you can also choose from different payment plan options. If you need additional time to pay, or if you need to spread out the payments for your premiums, you can do so as a customer. 

The company places a strong focus on customer service, serving the military community, and in assisting elderly customers who do not have many other options for their insurance needs. For these reasons, the company makes every effort possible to provide great service, many options, and the best rates for the insurance premiums which they provide to their customers and members. 

AARP Auto Insurance from The Hartford has a long standing history and relationship with its senior customers and members. So, being a member, is going to afford you additional discounts and saving options, which are not listed above. The simple fact that you are a member, and are considering purchasing an auto insurance policy with AARP through the Hartford, is going to guarantee additional savings and discounts which other customers who are non-members do not receive. 


Why AARP Car Insurance?

If you haven’t made your decision based upon the fact that the company caters to you - the 50+ community, the many incentives for joining and becoming a member, as well as choosing their insurance coverage, are reason enough for you to consider making a switch?

There are policies which tailor to elderly drivers and to military members. The company makes it a focal point to provide you with the best discounts, additional saving options, and to provide you with the highest levels of coverage, regardless of where you live or where you drive. The fact that you will never be dropped from coverage, and are not going to see increases in rates or spikes in coverage cost, just because of an accident, are some of the many benefits which drivers truly appreciate, when they are insured by the company. 

A focus on bettering the community, providing affordable coverage for the elderly community, and providing the best health, auto, and other insurance options for the best prices, are some of the many reasons why you might want to consider an AARP auto insurance plan from The Hartford, when the time comes for you to compare quotes, and decide on the right insurance provider for your driving needs. 

Again, no two drivers are alike; therefore, the insurance needs for one person or family is not going to be the same as the next person. AARP has taken these factors into consideration, and has tailored the best options for drivers 50+, who are looking for affordable coverage, and need an insurance company which they can rely on to protect them from the dangers on the road. 



Ready to make the change? Get an AARP Auto Insurance Quote Today!


So, now that you know what it means to be an AARP member, and to purchase AARP auto insurance, what are you waiting for? The options are endless, the options to save and find reasonable coverage and endless, and the simple fact that you are purchasing through a reputable, well known insurance provider in The Hartford, are just a few of the many reasons you might be considering this provider for your needs. 

Whether you are purchasing a policy for the first time, are looking to invest in a new car and want higher levels of coverage, or if you are simply starting to compare prices so you can find the best coverage, and find it for the lowest price possible, the sooner you start the quote comparison process, the greater the savings you are going to find when the time comes for you to choose your insurance policy premium and coverage levels. 

You know what AARP car insurance plans have to offer their members. And, now you are familiar with the value they place on their 50+ audience, as well as on their military customers. So, if you are debating whether or not to make the switch, you should at least take the time to get a quote from the company and also do yourself the duty of comparing other quotes to ensure you're getting the best deal for you and your family. See what they can offer, and how much money you can really save if you choose to purchase your auto insurance policy through them. 

You’ve made it this far. You know what a great company, and customer-centric insurer AARP is, so why not see if you can save as a member, and reap the benefits of being an AARP auto insurance customer? Before you buy your insurance policy, you have to see what is out there, and learn where you can find the savings. So, get started with the quote process above and you could save up to 50% in under a minute. Simply comparing policy quotes, in comparison to other top insurance companies, could not only result in lower prices, but exceptional coverage you might otherwise have missed. 

Get started today and see how much you can truly save, by comparing online quotes before you purchase your auto insurance policy. 

To see other helpful hints on lowering auto insurance premiums click here. We appreciate you taking the time to learn more about the options you may have available to you. With over 2000 insurance companies in one form or another, we understand it can be confusing.

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