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AAA Auto Insurance: The Background

Two things you need to carefully consider when shopping around for auto insurance quotes is how long the insurance company has been in business and how long they will be around going forward. When it comes to insurance companies, like AAA Auto Insurance, and the car insurance or other coverage they provide, the longer the insurance company has been operating, the more likely it is to be trustworthy. What this means is that when you’re shopping around for car insurance quotes, these companies will provide competitive quotes that normally equal or better what’s being offered by the competition.

AAA Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto Insurance Quotes: Some AAA Background

A good indicator that a major insurance company has a solid foundation is if they have been providing auto insurance plans since ‘horseless carriages’ first appeared on the highways. The AAA auto insurance company was one of the first to provide drivers with car insurance coverage back in 1902. In those days, where were only 23,000 cars on the highways that needed a car insurance plan. There were also an incredible 17 million horses!

For more than a century AAA has been an industry leader in auto insurance plans. When it comes to safety on the roads, AAA auto insurance has been a popular choice. This can be seen in the figures. For a long time, there have been a growing number of auto insurance packages available for those people signing up to AAA auto insurance plans.

AAA Auto Insurance Does More Than Simply Protect Your Investment

When involved in an accident, AAA’s auto insurance plans give their members several special benefits that make their car insurance competitive in a highly competitive market. The extra benefits that AAA auto insurance provides range from roadside assistance all the way to battery service, and unique mobile apps.

So what should you do when you’re on the internet looking around for car insurance quotes? When you are trying to decide which insurance plan to go for, and you’ve got a number of auto insurance quotes, don’t be swayed by cheap marketing tactics. In other words, when shopping around for auto insurance, you should never let funny cartoon characters or attractive models sway you when choosing one over the other.

Your best option here is to stay sensible. When looking at car insurance and comparing quotes, it’s a comparative process. What you need to do is compare the auto quotes made by as many different providers as you can muster. It’s only a matter of spending a little time doing this, as you can easily get car insurance quotes on the internet from a whole host of insurance plan providers. All you have to do is ensure that you input the same details and requirements for your proposed auto insurance plan. Then, when you compare the insurance quotes, you know that you’ll be comparing them ‘like-for-like’, and that all the parameter are the same.

Simply take advantage of the free auto insurance quotes provided by as many providers in your region as you can. This way you can compare the exact same coverage and discover for yourself exactly what percentage you will actually be saving over the competition. AAA Auto Insurance has been a leader in providing affordable insurance options for drivers across the country.

AAA Auto Insurance Quotes

AAA auto insurance company has millions of members all over North America, in both Canada and in the United States of America. When it comes to car insurance, AAA have some pretty impressive numbers out in the marketplace. For starters, their Roadway Assistance scheme is huge. Calls for help from AAA benefit huge numbers of members, with more than 29 million getting roadside help every year. These calls for help come via a highly sophisticated communications and logistics network. AAA runs 13,000 auto facilities. When you’re covered by an AAA auto insurance plan and you call for roadside help, you might be serviced by any one of the 8,000 separate automobile repair centers spread out right across the North American continent. These approved repair centers are subjected to rigorous testing and some of the highest industry standards. They have to fulfill and surpass some of the most stringent criteria in order to secure a precious seal of approval from AAA. This allows them to operate as an approved AAA repair center. Many auto repair centers regard this as a major feather in their caps.

What Service Centers Can Do Under Your Auto Insurance

These service centers provide members with a whole lot more than merely a jump start or the change of a flat tire. What they also do is offer to get your vehicle off the highway and to one of these AAA-approved repair shops. It’s there that the AAA-approved mechanics can make the repairs necessary to get you safely back on the road. The AAA mobile app allows you to get faster assistance in your time of trouble, just one of many benefits that will accrue to you once you sign up for an AAA auto insurance plan. First, though, find out how competitive they are by asking for one of their car insurance quotes today.

Here’s one of the considerations you need to be bearing in mind when you are making use of free auto insurance quotes. We advise you to look carefully at the company offering the car insurance plan. What you should do is find out how far the insurance provider promotes safety within the company and the community. AAA has been committed since their inception 114 years ago to promote safe driving on the highways.

So when it comes to car insurance quotes, you’ll know that AAA has put its money where its mouth is. Preventing crashes was one of the earliest concerns of the AAA auto insurance clubs in 1920. Today they have expanded their efforts into education programs concerned with promoting safe driving in schools, where drivers get their first experiences behind the wheel. The company is focusing much of its safety efforts on its School Safety Patrol programs. These programs, administered by the car insurance quotes specialist, help teach children to protect classmates from traffic dangers. The program has even now expanded into elementary and junior high schools, and is widely viewed as a leading force of driver education in high schools.

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AAA Car Insurance Quotes: You Can Even Get Them With Safety Books!

As a leading auto insurance company and one concerned with highway safety, AAA has also published many safety books and has tackled the growing problem of drunk driving. This focus on road safety helps to ensure AAA can offer affordable auto insurance quotes to their members on a regular basis.


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